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Amira - The Horse of a Lifetime

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

CEDARS AMIRAT AL ALWAN (True Colours x CDRS Farah Moniet) 2005 Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare

Amira was the horse of a lifetime. Her name translates to "Princess of the Colours", and she was a dream come true. When we finally had the chance to breed our mare, Farah, to the internationally acclaimed stallion, True Colours, we knew the resulting foal would be special. But nothing prepared us for how special she was. As a foal she possessed not only the beauty and excellent conformation of her sire, but also the temperament and willingness to please of her dam. As she grew, we began to see her true potential and knew we had to give her every chance to succeed.

Our choice to send her to Lindsay Adams for her early training was an easy one. Lindsay has always treated her horses with respect, knows how to speak their language and develops their Champion mindset. This was no exception with Amira. She went on to shine in the showring, winning:

Ch. Mare, Fall Classic, Lexington, VA

Res. Grand Ch. Mare, 2008 Eastern Arabian Horse Show

Top Five, East Coast Championship

Top Five at the first Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup

After such an excellent start to her show career, we knew she deserved to go on to bigger things. And so, when Mr. Hassan Ali Hassan Al Matwa approached us in 2008 with an offer, stating he would like to breed her to produce top quality show horses in Qatar, there was no doubt in our minds that this was her destiny. And now Amira has since produced two winning show fillies, Hanoof Najd and Shams Najd, both by the illustrious stallion, Karam Al Shaqab.

We are grateful to our dear friend, the late Liz Salmon, for facilitating the sale, and when she told us that Mr. Al Matwa referred to Amira as his “heart horse”, we knew we’d done the right thing letting her go.

As breeders, everything we do is in the best interest of the horse. Sometimes this involves difficult decisions like letting go of the horse you love to ensure she has the brightest possible future. Amira will always be our horse of a lifetime, and we’re grateful to Mr. Al Matwa for loving her and giving her everything she deserves.

Merrie & Ed Aiken

Cedar Ridge Farm Egyptian Arabians

Haw River, NC

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